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Darin the Magician is a well known children’s entertainer in the Gauteng area.

Darin’s performances are suitable for ages 3 to 9, designed around a theme and are 45 minutes in duration. All shows
have lots of zany funny things, puppets, magic and balloon twisting to keep the children riveted.

Darin has a unique comedy style of entertaining that appeals to both adults and children. All shows are
highlighted with a puppet and through Darin’s ventriloquist ability the puppet characters seem to have a life of
their own.

Fairies, Ladybugs and Unicorns

Do you believe in Fairies?  Little girls’ adventures inspired Darin to create this show. Tinkerbell is pursued by Captain Hook, the tooth fairy performs magic with Grandma’s teeth, and a magical ladybird vanishes and reappears inside a giant balloon. Then, Cedric the Unicorn makes an entrance to display his magical horn to the children.


Pirates and Mermaids

In this show there is a mysterious rope from a pirate ship that floats in the air by itself. The Little Mermaid is locked in the jail by Ursula the Sea Witch and Darin has to save her magically. Sea water pours out of the children’s ears, Polly the talking parrot pops out of a bag with all sorts of cheeky things to say and there is also a magical treasure bucket with all sorts of strange things inside. This show is great for boys and girls.

Dogs and Cats Magic Show

Pets are always popular with children and there have been many movies and TV shows featuring animals, so Darin put together a magical show around this theme. A mystery box with Bluey arrives from Australia but Bluey is not in there. Can Darin bring him back by magic? Magic fun with some of the doggies from Paw Patrol. The Cat in the Hat changes hats magically, Cruella’s hand bag reveals lots of surprises, puppies are stolen and then magically reappear and Darin has lots of fun with tins of pet food behaving rather strangely. To top off this show Pongo the talking dog comes out to keep the kids howling with laughter.

Princess Magic

In this enchanting show, Darin presents a world where every little girl’s dream of being a princess comes true. There’s magic involving a crown, and a frog that transforms into a prince—but only with kisses from the girls. Inside Elsa’s castle lies a mystery. The birthday girl conjures a ring and creates snow through magic. The children join Darin on an adventure through Aladdin’s cave. And finally, Olaf the Snowman makes a special appearance to teach the kids the art of cool. 🙂

Superhero Magic Show

Every boy dreams of being a superhero, and Darin’s magic show caters to this fantasy with tricks themed around favorites like Superman, Batman, Ironman, and even the Minions. Ben 10 transforms into an alien, and there’s a humorous tale about Spiderman becoming a spider, only to reappear as Spiderman. The birthday boy gets to bend a steel magic wand, turning him into a superhero as well. For his assistance, Darin rewards him with a balloon gun. Finally, Kung Fu Panda makes an appearance, sharing his adventures of battling villains. It’s an extraordinary show that’s often the top pick for boys, and some girls too.

Dinosaur Show

Children find these extinct creatures fascinating so Darin has put together a fantastic selection of puppets and magic tricks to entertainment with this theme. Dinosaur fossils appear from kid’s ears, Dippy the Long Neck gets chased by a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the kids help Darin search for dinosaurs’. Then Darin brings along Dino his Dinosaur pet to speak to the kids and lastly there is also a volcano that suddenly erupts causing major excitement for the kids.

Wizards, Witches and Dragons

This one is for all the aspiring wizards out there. A wizard’s hat and wand come to life and play tricks on Darin. The dragon book of spells shoots out fire. What secrets are in the witch’s cauldron? An old witch appears and laughs at the kids and even her broom tries to fly away. Something spooky appears in the box of spells. There is even magic with the most famous wizard, Harry potter. Birthday child assists Darin with the invisibility cloth. Will the birthday child disappear? and lastly a wizards Dragon appears to chat with the kids.

Funny Bunny Magic Show

Crazy bunny fun. A magic egg goes into a bag and out comes a naughty talkative chicken. Carrots keep multiplying. One of the children is turned into a ‘rabbit’ with the bunny tail getting up to lots of funny mischief. What surprise is inside Darin’s big black magic hat… Of course a cute little magic bunny that helps Darin with his tricks. To top off the show Harry the coolest rabbit in the world arrives to sing and joke with the kids. Just for the love of bunnies.

Zombies & Alien Magic

Fun with strange creatures. Darin reveals a Flying Saucer to the children, which bursts in to flames. Buzz Lightyear makes a grand entrance in his spaceship, but is it him! Zombies break free from Darin’s Zombie book, and the children join in to recapture them. Could any of the children possess ‘The Force’? The birthday child certainly does, showcasing his skills with Darin’s Comedy Saber. As a reward, the birthday child receives a balloon-crafted space helmet and sword. To cap off the adventure, the iconic alien E.T. makes an appearance, looking to phone home. Hehe.

Darin and Elfie’s Christmas Magic


Darin has lots of funny things all the way from the North Pole. An Elf Hat produces Christmas decorations Magically. A tiny Elf toilet squirts at the kids. A Christmas Tree comes to life and dances when Darin’s not watching. Rudolf’s nose disappears. Kid’s will have to help Darin magically make a new one. One of the children that helps Darin in the show “turns” into Santa. Kid’s will go crazy when Darin turns water into snow and with that Elfie arrives all the way from the North Pole and jokes around with everyone.

Darin’s Safety Magic

In this educational school show, Darin emphasizes the do’s and don’ts of personal safety for young children. The program conveys a serious message in an engaging and enjoyable way, offering valuable advice to help children protect themselves from crime. The show addresses various topics, including personal safety, pool safety, the tricks strangers may use on children, car safety, home invasion, hijacking, dangerous objects, dog safety, and emergency contacts. It’s not about fear; it’s about imparting excellent safety tips in a fun and entertaining manner.


Magic Of Manners

The more we engage in conversations about manners, the greater the improvement we see in children. Understanding how to treat family and friends is key to their happiness. Manners hold a kind of magic; they have the power to bring smiles to people’s faces. Darin, with his usual playful approach, instills these values in children’s minds. He also touchs on the importance of caring for our planet. Finally, Terry the turtle pays a visit to discuss the topic of bullying at school.


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